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Towing & Recovery Service | Chicagoland, IL

Towing and Recovery TruckWes’s Service is Illinois’s premier towing company that services the entire state and will help out customers wherever they are or need to be. With a wide range of auto service we have made it our business to become one of the best towing service companies in the Midwest and throughout the United States.

We offer our customers basic automotive repairs when they bring their vehicles into our shop, and with a large service bay available we will be able to assist each of our clients with expediency and efficiency.  These services are designed to help you when you need it most and provide affordable solutions to the problems that arise with your vehicle when accidents happen. You will not be able to plan for all eventualities and that is where we will be able to help you. Wes’s Service has built a large fleet of tow trucks and other corresponding services to be able to meet the widest range of customer requirements whenever they arise.

Some of the services we offer are tire changes, battery replacements and recharging for their vehicles when it is needed. Car batteries can only operate for so long before they burn out and when they do we are available to help them whenever and wherever we can. When we are called to come rescue you from whatever unfortunate incident has befallen, we will pick you up, and deliver you to wherever you need to go, even if that means crossing state lines and traveling for extended periods in order to accomplish our job. You will have a hard time finding another towing company that will work with you on so many levels as to accommodate your every desire, so you should consider Wes’s Service your number one choice in all of your towing needs.

Additional Services

  • Local and Long Distance
  • Cross-country Towing
  • Flat Carriers
  • 75 Ton Rotator
  • Load Shifts & Transfers
  • Highway Accidents
  • Heavy Recovery & Winching
  • Multi-car Haulers
  • Steel Coil Recoveries & Transfers
  • Air Cushion Recovery
  • Heavy Duty Recovery
  • Light Duty 4x4 Recovery
  • Skid-steer Loader w/ Forks
  • Flatbed Carriers (local & long distance)
  • Commercial Semi and Trailer Storage
  • Accident Investigation Storage